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The Reinventor Collective is a group of young people transforming education.

WHY Reinventors

We, young people, have perspective and vision into education and the world as a whole that adults just cannot see. Period.



Reinventor Collective is a community of youth who strive to amplify youth voice in education through Teach For America!


Youth. Learners. We are and work with, for, and because of young people.
We are not consultants.

Join the Reinventors! 

Are you a young person working to put youth in power of their own education? Or are you interested in starting? Then you should apply to join the Reinventors! 

If you are between the ages of 14-18 and want to change the face of education, apply to join our team when the application opens!

Applications are open
September 1st-16th, 2022.



We work alongside adults across Teach For America.
Not for, but with

Build Community 🤝

Amplify Youth Voices 📣

Projects ✅

We create space for all teammates to show up authentically.

We prioritize youth voice and decision making in educational spaces. Advocating and enacting change by, with, and for youth.

We work on projects in the Reinvention Lab and across Teach For America.


Even in innovative learning spaces true co-creation is hard to achieve. It started with a group of young people in Denver, CO, called Future 10X. With the drastic changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, young people advocated and the movement evolved into the Enduring Ideas Fellowship with the Reinvention Lab. Since then we have worked to establish the Reinventors.

Summer 2021

Oct 21 - Aug 22

Sept 2022 - Future

Enduring Ideas Cohort 3 with  12 young people and 5 adults participating in several projects nationally. all cohorts; future 10x

Reinventors began to meet and design the next best experience for young people in the TFA workplace.

We welcome new Reinventors! And lots of opportunities to come! 

Our Goal:

to create a space where youth feel seen, heard, and supported as they co-create with adults. Our youth perspective helps make decisions that better respond to the needs of young people in schools.


Contact us, the Reinventors! 

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Co-Creation Resources

Learn more about co-creation through exploring these resources.

Co-Creation Framework

Youth-Adult Co-Creation is necessary for the future of education. This framework includes commitments and specific examples to help you co-create with intention.

Co-Creating for Equity

What four cases are teaching us about youth/adult co-creation.

The Future of Democracy, Led by Gen Z

Gen Zers reflecting on American democracy and what the future of learning has to do with the future of democracy (a future they are actively working to shape).
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