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Gratitude to Our
Creative Partners

Dedicated to fostering creative partnerships.

The Reinvention Lab dedicates this space to highlight the rich experiences delivered by our creative partners who contribute to our identity, visuals, and website. We are honored to elevate the brilliance of these creative agencies and individuals.


The DASH Collective

Many thanks to Desireé and Briana, of the Dash Collective, for their brilliant construction, direction, and design of this very website.

The DASH Collective is a Black Woman-Owned creative studio offering inspired branding, graphic and website design, and authentic photography.
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Oncilla Labs

Thank you to Justin, Shelina, and the rest of the Oncilla Labs team for creating the animation on the homepage of this site.

Oncilla Labs is web design and animation house that fuses intelligent design with a prowess to develop limitless innovation. Our team helps clients capture their vision of tomorrow, today.
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Rosie Molina

Rosie is an 18-year-old freshman in college who has been working with the Reinvention Lab since she was in high school. She created the illustrations at the top of the "Learn" "Engage" and "Explore" pages, as well as the original illustration that Justin and team turned into an animation for the homepage.

"My name is Rosie Molina, my family calls me Pvcehoyoce. As an Indigenous Student in Denver, I constantly use my culture and background to make sense of this world and my education. I love to learn about this world and gain insights on how to make the world more suitable to our future leaders. I love being with my family here in Denver, but I will always have a second home in Oklahoma. I thrive off of laughter and community service. I acknowledge that the education system was founded under conditions to suppress and colonize the culture of my people. Which is why I work to create the opportunity for all students to be able to take charge of their education."
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Robin Lewallen

Robin created the colorful illustrations that live throughout the site, originally created for the Case for Reinvention.

"Robin Lewallen is a freelance illustrator and designer currently based in Kansas City, MO, and alum from KCAI, Class of 2020. They use color and shape in their work to create fun visual narratives. They have a strong interest in mythology, cultural nuances, cartoons, and tabletop games."
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Firebelly Design

Firebelly Design created the Reinvention Lab's overall brand and logo. Learn about the creation of our logo here.

"Firebelly is a socially conscious creative studio specializing in strategic design."
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Civics Unplugged

A youth-led nonprofit, Civics Unplugged, particularly Thanasi, Chabu, and Madison, provided design, copy, and structure expertise on this website. Thank you for co-creating with us!

"Civics Unplugged is a 501(c)(3) social enterprise that empowers leaders of Gen Z with the training, funding, and network they need to build a brighter future for humanity."
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Drew Madson

Drew is an illustrator who created the black-and-white line drawings that can be found throughout the site and are featured in the publication learning horizons. He is also the founder and CEO of an AI literacy startup called Readlee.

"Drew Madson is an award winning illustrator, caricaturist, educator, and doodler. His work has been featured in Harvard Ed. Magazine, the Harvard Citizen, Teach for America, Enduring Ideas, and for small and large corporate clients."
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