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Enduring Ideas Awards honor those leading the future of learning and are decided by those most impacted by inequities of education's past and present.

Enduring Ideas

Folks leading the future of learning need no-strings-attached funding to keep innovating. They need people to trust them, to believe in their work, and to amplify their unique perspective to help others imagine radically different futures.

And the way in which awards are decided, especially those attached to funding like Enduring Ideas, needs to change. Enduring Ideas ensures those most impacted by education's inequities, namely young people (over 50% of each decision-making body) and people of color (over 80% of each decision-making body) truly have the power to decide who receives those awards.



Enduring Ideas Awards are two things simultaneously: 
1. An award for future-of-learning leaders
2. An accelerator for those who want to hone their craft in co-created decision-making in education


Ed Innovators should nominate themselves and others for the Enduring Ideas Awards.

Those interested in deepening their practice in co-creation should apply to be a decision-maker in the next cycle.

Learning from Past Awardees

With each round of Enduring Ideas, we're honored to see the visions for the future awardees represent and what they teach us.

To learn more about past awardees, check out these two publications: 
Learning Horizons
Radical Departures



Enduring Ideas decision-makers have the power to decide which applications are awarded: and put in the time to make those decisions in a deep, deliberative way.

Review Applications

Build Community


Participants review applications against criteria set by an intergenerational group of former decision-makers.

Participants build community with a small group of people who they will make decisions with, learning about co-creation, youth-adult partnership, and the future of learning along the way.

Deliberation. Debate. Discussion.
Participants decide together which applications are funded (they don't recommend or suggest).


Nov 21-Feb 22

Feb 2022

Spring 2022

Current Enduring Ideas decision-makers review and select awardees.

Applications open for applicants and decision-makers for Enduring Ideas: School Edition"

Next decision-making cycle occurs between March and May, 2022.

Know a future-of-learning leader that refuses to let learning go "back to normal"? 

Nominate them for an
Enduring Ideas Award.


Interested in accelerating your work in co-created decision-making? 

Apply to be a decision-maker.


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