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Reinvention Lab

The Reinvention Lab hosts a suite of accelerators for those radically reinventing the education system.
Get engaged by nominating yourself and others who are doing radical work.

Completion of an accelerator unlocks access to a national community of folks acting into
a radically different future of learning.

Start here.

The first step to joining an accelerator is to nominate yourself and others. Find the accelerator that best fits you and let's get to work together.

Nominate: GRAVITY

GRAVITY is a short-cycle accelerator specifically designed for educational innovators that are post-idea stage but pre-growth and scale. Nominate yourself or someone you know anytime. Cohorts are formed throughout the year. For: Founders leading the future of learning through their social venture.


Nominate: Enduring Ideas Awards

Nominate a future-of-learning leader/idea/org for the Enduring Ideas Awards, which honor and celebrate folks doing radical work in education. The next award application will open in the spring, but you can nominate people at any time - takes one minute! For: Education Innovators in schools, out-of-school time organizations, for-profit institutions, individuals - anyone doing future-of-learning work across the country.


Nominate: Youth Reinventors

Youth Reinventors are young people (under the age of 20) who co-design with Teach For America staff to create openings and opportunities for the future of learning and the future of youth-adult co-creation throughout the organization. For: Young people under 20 interested in the radical reinvention of education and the infusion of youth-adult partnership and power into educational nonprofits. Nominate yourself or others anytime. Fellowship cycles usually happen in the summer months.


Apply: Enduring Ideas Decision-Making

Enduring Ideas is not just an award process. It's an accelerator for people yearning for experiential learning in: 1) Co-created educational decision-making; 2) Youth-adult partnership, and; 3) The future of learning. Are you interested in deep learning on these topics? Apply to be an Enduring Ideas decision-maker. Apply anytime; cohorts happen twice a year. For: Anyone interested in these learnings, including community members from any institutional type, young people under the age of 20, and Teach For America staff from across the organization.


Nominate: Storytelling Accelerator

The #FutureOfLearningChallenge is a storytelling accelerator for education innovators. Want to learn about branding, marketing, photography, and more while telling a story through sneaker design from world class experts? Nominate yourself and others for the next cycle.

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