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What do we mean by
"reinvented learning?"
Radical Departures answers that question.

Originally published in 2021 and updated in 2023, Radical Departures is the Reinvention Lab's iterative attempt to define innovative learning by exploring why, how, where, what, and from whom young people learn.



We are not even close to the first to consider the ideas laid out in this document. We follow in the footsteps of, and are inspired by, so many folks, including Transcend’s 10 Great Leaps ↗, Education Reimagined’s vision ↗,
Deeper Learning Competencies ↗, HQPBL ↗, Big Picture Learning’s 10 distinguishers ↗, HipHopEd ↗,
Remake Learning ↗, the Christensen Institute ↗, CZI’s Whole Child Framework ↗, Future10X ↗,
Student Voice’s Student Bill of Rights ↗, What School Could Be’s Innovation Playlist ↗, Gloria Ladson Billings’ work on culturally responsive education including The Dreamkeepers, Paolo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, 180 Studio + Echenhoff Saunders’ Seed+Spark, John Dewey, and so many more.

Other Publications
from the Reinvention Lab

Dreaming Into Learning Futures

What do trends in Power Flows, Markets and Jobs, Digital Decentralization, and Layers of Safety have to do with the future of learning?

Rest as a Liberatory Practice

Our Reinvention Lab Team intentionally shut down for a two-week period of collective rest in September. The experience taught us about identity, place, and wholeness. We have pulled some of those learnings together into Rest as a Liberatory Practice.

Co-Creation Framework

Youth-Adult Co-Creation is necessary for the future of education. This framework includes commitments and specific examples to help you co-create with intention.

Radical Departures

How the Reinvention Lab (currently) defines innovative learning.

Learning Horizons

Learning Horizons, published October 2020, speaks to the signals of the future of learning we saw from Enduring Ideas Awardees.

Case for Reinvention

Learn why the Reinvention Lab thinks learning reinvention is critical, through the lens of Teach For America's 10-Year Goal
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